Safety Plan

The health and safety of our guests and employees is very important to us.

Dear Valued Guests

At Pizzeria Spacca Napoli, we pride ourselves on providing all our valued guests with an exceptional dining experience. This pride guides us each day to adapt and come out stronger than ever before. With that in mind, we have gone above and beyond the recommended safety guidelines that have been outlined by Work Safe BC and the Public Health Order.

Please be mindful of our policies and ensure you are able to adhere to the expectations set by our Team before joining us. You may also reach our Management Team at with any questions or concerns regarding dining-in at Pizzeria Spacca Napoli during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you for putting your trust in Pizzeria Spacca Napoli, our Safety Plan will be monitored daily and adjusted accordingly as needed. We appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and patience as we navigate the “new normal”. We applaud and appreciate the dedicated healthcare workers and law enforcement who keep us safe and our local community supporters who keep businesses going.

Guests Expectations

• Guests must always wear a mask entering the Restaurant and follow the directions of our Staff before entering, while dining, and when leaving the premises.
• Cannot station and/or wait to be seated in front of the Restaurant unless respecting the social distancing required (6 feet – 2 meters) and wearing a mask is highly recommended. We have a system/APP to text our Guests when a table becomes available.
• If you are picking-up your order, please respect the social distancing as well, if another guest is already at the pick-up station and please wear a mask.
• Once seated, you can remove the mask but cannot leave the assigned table, and cannot visit with guests at other tables.
•A mask needs to be worn anytime leaving the table, either to use the washroom, circulating within the Restaurant, or leaving the premises.
• Contact information for one person per party of 6 will be taken for contact tracing.

Please refrain from dining-in at Pizzeria Spacca Napoli if you and/or anyone in your Party has the following symptoms:

• Fever – Cough – Runny Nose – Sore Throat – Difficult Breathing
• Have travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days
• Have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
• Currently awaiting test results for COVID-19

Increased Sanitization Process and Extra On-Site Safety Requirements

1. Strict and thorough cleaning and sanitization of all touchpoints including all surfaces, common areas, public washrooms, teamwork stations, bar counter, tables, chairs, payment machines, kitchen, dining materials, and all other guest facing components.
2. Three sanitizer stations are available.
3. One disposable paper menu will be given for each table and QRs are also available.
4. Tables and chairs will be sanitized between seating and signs will be used to highlight the process.
5. Pin Pads will be sanitized before handing it to a guest(s) and after each use.
6. An hourly sanitizing schedule is in place and logged for our washrooms.
7. Service will be executed and carried on as touchless as possible, trying to have a minimized number of Staff in contact with the product. Our servers will try to reduce the visits to each table, and the clearing of the plates will be done in as few visits as possible. We encourage our guests to bring their plates to the edge of the table so that we can avoid lining towards guests and unnecessary contact.
8. We will provide containers for guests to box their own food items for takeout if, and when needed.
9. Any shareable items, such as oils, spices etc. will be sanitized prior to arriving to the table and after.
10. We have a system in place to signal to Staff when a table has been sanitized or waiting to be sanitized, please wait to be seated.
11. Tables are 6 feet apart from other diners in all directions. Tables may not be moved from their places (we have markers). Staff only can do that.

Staff Expectations

• Maintain physical distancing when possible.
• Wash hands frequently.
• Avoid touching your face.
• Cough into your sleeve, away from food, surfaces, and other people.
• Disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
• Use masks in all areas of the Restaurant, especially when talking to other people and trying to keep a safe distance.
• Stay at home if you are ill and feeling flu-like symptoms.
• Employees are required to measure their temperature prior to clock-in and to log it. If the thermometer turns red (over 37 degrees), employees are required to immediately leave the premises without interacting with anyone on duty and call/text Management for further instructions.
• Employees are asked to go through a pre-shift health questionnaire to confirm wellness before being able to clock-in.
• If symptoms manifest during a shift, Management needs to be advised immediately.

We recognize that COVID-19 has encouraged all of us to be more mindful as we carry on throughout our day. Please help us and our team to achieving the highest standards of hygiene and sanitization so you can have peace of mind during your stay.